Too Many Ads on Websites Makes This Panda Angry

There really isn’t much to this post other than a quick rant.

I am so tired of websites that have too many popups.  It makes me feel like I actually have viruses on my computer.  Legit websites that should have some level of prestige on the world wide web should be able to hold high standing ads on their site without the explosion of pop ups.

But ohhh no!  Hold on there!

I can’t even log in to my very own account, edit my own articles on some of these higher news sites without getting a pop up!

C’mon!  I write for you guys!

The price for free press?  Maybe.

(Maybe I know nothing about advertising.  Having a degree in advertising doesn’t necessarily mean I understand how web ad pricing really works.  As a matter of fact, I don’t think that was really covered in my classes.  I focused heavily on print advertisements and typography; essentially, the creation of a good ad…but I didn’t really take classes on the actual ad campaigns themselves.)

Moving on…

I just wonder if a website can just have fewer ads, that the company has to pay more for to have it on the site?

Instead of a splash ad, 2 video ads, and 2 banner ads, why not have 2 banner ads only that are worth a higher price point?

Video ads make me want to smash my computer…

There was a time I actually had 2 of the SAME ads running on opposite sides of the website at the same time.  The video was running at the top of the site, and the bottom.  When I thought I had shut off the ad, I could still hear it.

“Muahahah, got you,” the ad says to me.  “I’m also located someplace else on this website!”

You kidding me?

I always thought that the more spam ads that explode on my screen, the less legit a website is.  It seems that isn’t the case today.  With a lot of print versions of magazines and newspapers going away, it’s a company’s livelihood it seems.

But why can’t they just run less ads, and make companies pay more for a placement?

What ever happened to caring about the reader too?  Don’t websites want people to read their content?  Or are they only worried about you arriving to the site, but don’t care if you leave?

My blog will not have any pop up ads, unless WordPress does it.  I hate em.  I hate video ads, and sound, and splash ads.

Or what about ads that run across the screen and you feel like you’re playing a video game where you have to “catch” the X button to close?

“You can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man!”

Photo Courtesy of: ""

Photo Courtesy of: “”


I may consider light affiliate links some day, but doubtful.  Even those, people get carried away with!

My larger blogs I run on an actual domain name have 2 banner ads…and even those I’m considering is too much.

I think the faster a website loads, the better.

What is your opinion on website ads?

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