Writers have things to say

I use to be so afraid to publish anything I had to say because I was self conscious of my writing. But being in the writer community with blogs and Twitter, I realized a thing or two.

1) Writers have things to say

We write because we HAVE to write. We have too much on our minds. And for many of us, (myself included) we are not very good speakers. Sometimes when I talk I feel like my mouth is detached from my head. My words come out funny.  I don’t always say what I mean. I even once in a while stutter, not much, but some.

2) Your writing will get better ONLY if you keep writing
If I spent my entire life waiting for that perfect best selling novel, I’d never write. It never will happen unless I write. And what’s the point of writing for 15 years to get better, and not publish one thing? Back in a previous article where I wrote, “You are your own worst critic” I truly believe that. Sometimes we look back on an old article, short story, or book and go, “What was I thinking?”

You know what you were thinking?

You were thinking the best idea possible at the time you had. You were thinking about something you were passionate about. You wrote the best way you could. And when you finished, you were a better writer for that.

Don’t be embarrassed.

3) If a writer doesn’t write, they’ll go crazy

If you don’t write out your ideas, and just let them fester in your head, you will go crazy. Trust me. I let too many ideas fester in my head and now they’re spilling out all at once. I feel like I can’t get anything done because I keep jumping projects just to keep up with the backlog of ideas.

So, dear writers, keep on writing.

Writers have things to say!  And what goes on in your head is important.

Even if it’s not the best piece of literature in the world, not only will you get better for doing…but you may still impact someone positively through your writing.

I can humbly say that I am not at the writing ability I wish I could be at.  The ideas are there, I just need to improve.

But why go the next 15 years of my life, keeping all my writings to myself?

Write on!

To end this little post, is a song I love, by Dave Matthews Band.

So Much to Say.

Songs have a different meaning to us.  However, some lyrics that are repeated are, “So much to say” and “Open up my head and let me out.”

Take out of it what you’d like.  🙂

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