Life can make or break your writing…

City Japan

I had all sorts of delays getting my next book out, that I had projected to finish in the Spring 2014. Between a new job, several projects I signed up for, and some event planning, I had cast my books aside.

Have you ever done that?

Life. It can make or break your writing. It is through life that you can gain wisdom, and ideas you can use towards your writing. It is through life experiences, that give you the ability to write. All writers are inspired by something. Perhaps it is through a life event, (even a very small one) that triggers an entire novel idea. Or even better yet, a series of ideas!

Life can break your writing though…but only if you let it!

My book was delayed by about 6 months. Last time I posted about the book I was working on, I felt it was 85% complete. I was thrilled to be getting some writing done. But I allowed everything else around me to take over.

Of course I could have written 30 minutes every few days to get the writing done.

I could have text myself ideas while riding along in a car (of course not texting and driving).

I could have wrote a quick 500 words to make progress in my book instead of watching that 30 minute episode on TV that wasn’t very good anyway.

But I didn’t.  And I beat myself up for it at times.

Then again, we all do that…don’t we?

The best thing to do after you go through a long period of time of not getting your writing done, is to just pick yourself back up and write.

It’s okay to take a break now and again, just don’t let it become an indefinite break. 

Life can make or break your writing…

So take what knowledge you acquired during your break, and get writing!


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